Car manufacturer warranties

After today’s announcement that Vauxhall was moving to a ‘lifetime’ warranty I thought I’d spend five minutes compiling a chart of who offers what in the way of warranties.

Add a comment if you think they’re wrong or go out of date.

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6 comments on “Car manufacturer warranties
  1. MajorGav says:

    Interesting. Note how many premium brands (Aston Martin/Jaguar/Maserati) offer unlimited mileage.

  2. admin says:

    Although odd that Lexus and Audi don’t do unlimited.

  3. MajorGav says:

    Westfield unlimited too! Guess the mileage in one year isn’t going to be too high.

    So, interesting challenge. Buy an Alfa or Land Rover and see how many miles can be achieved within three years. Push the warranty to the limit.

  4. Ben Rose says:

    @admin – Agreed. At least the Audi warranty is in-line with VW, the Lexus one isn’t even on a par with Toyota.

  5. Jarrad says:

    Can’t believe Porsche still persist with only 2 years warranty when even Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin do 4 and 3 years! Very poor, and I love Porsches!

  6. Jarrad says:

    @admin – it’s cos it is the miles that does the damage not the amount of years. Sure that they don’t want to pick up the bill for all the reps hammering the miles. The majority of the unlimited ones are the cars you would expect the miles to stay low on anyway I guess

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