Mysterious buttons

After much debate on Twitter trying to decode the switch labeled ‘RVM’ in my Mazda CX-7, I’ve resorted to RTFM.

Mazda CX-7 RVM button

Mazda CX-7 RVM button

And the answer is ‘Rear Vehicle Monitoring’ system.

In other words a blind-spot warning system for when you’re about to change lanes on the motorway.

Always a useful bit of tech.

However, the picture that got all this going (above) raises a far more interesting question…

In a car where the only option you can select is metallic paint, why does it have two blank button slots that don’t do anything?


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One comment on “Mysterious buttons
  1. Alex says:

    Perhaps they’re for the Russian/American markets? Extra bits that we don’t get like ‘burger holder’ and ‘gold-plated money grip’. Maybe.

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