When automated tweets don’t work

Twitter logoThere are all sorts of services that will automate your Twitter activity, but you need to show a bit of intelligence when you set them up otherwise you could end up sending pointless tweets that do your brand harm, not good.

I know this, because the following just happened to me…

I tweeted a few photographer followers for some advice about buying a new digital compact camera. In one of the Twitter conversations that followed, I specifically said I was NOT after a digital SLR camera.

A couple of minutes later I get the following tweet:

@Tristan_Young Want a Digital SLR Camera? Here’s an overview of the most popular ones…

with a link which I won’t post because @SLR4u don’t deserve it.

This is just a mild example, but it makes the point that automation doesn’t always work on Twitter.

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One comment on “When automated tweets don’t work
  1. Update to the above… I’ve now had this from a different Tweeter promoting their store:
    “@Tristan_Young if u’re finding digital camera i recommend here more model&cheap including detail&review for decide”
    Again there’s a link which I won’t publicise.
    What kind of English is that? And do they really think it will inspire confidence in their business if they can’t string a sentence together!
    Rant over.

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