44th and proud

There are all sorts of ways of measuring the usefulness of taking part in Twitter.

For me, as a home worker, it provides one of the few things I miss about working in a large office – the banter. But better than that, it’s banter I can turn off to concentrate on tasks that will earn me money.

Twitter has also brought me paid work from time to time, partly because I’m known as a prolific tweeter.Twitter comments

Today, however, it seems my banter on Twitter has put me in a public ranking.

PR agency 10 Yetis compiled a ranking of favourite journalists as voted for by PR people. For some completely unknown (to me) reason I was voted the 44th “Least Twattish Twitterer – the must follow journo”.

After about half an hour’s pointing and laughing at myself, a fellow tweeter @MotoClark explained: “Being voted a top journo by the PR industry is like being voted Top Foreign Government by the CIA.”

Which is probably spot on. Especially when the follow-on comment from @sf4d74 rolled in saying that’s  “the equivalent of Liechtenstein”.

Either way, as a result of the listing I’m now being followed on Twitter by @krishgm AKA Krishnan Guru-Murthy or number 97 as he will now be known to me.

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