When will car tuners look at hybrids?

Question: When does 178 + 141 = 220? Answer: When it’s in a Lexus IS300h.

I’m referring to the horse power output of, firstly, the 2.5-litre petrol engine and, secondly, the electric motor. However, the total power output for the new Lexus IS300h, which I’ve recently driven, is 220hp. Somewhere along the line the car has ‘lost’ 99hp.

Lexus IS300h

Actually, it’s not lost, instead the car has been developed to meet strict emissions targets and provide drivers with the best fuel economy, while still keeping a competitive performance.

But this discrepancy got me thinking. If aftermarket tuners are regularly taking conventionally powered cars and tuning either for better performance or for better economy (but without the restriction of EU emissions targets), then how long will it be before they start doing the same to hybrids?

And for me the new Lexus IS300h seems like a great starting point.

220hp is great and everything, but imagine what 319hp would be like? That’s almost an extra 50% more power.

At this level you’d be worrying BMW 335i drivers. That’s quite a thought.

Lexus IS300h

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