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Having been associated with one company car magazine for more than 16 years, it may seem like a bit of a surprise to announce that I’m changing my fleet loyalties to the new magazine Company Car Today.

After nine years as editor-in-chief of BusinessCar and then seven years, freelance, as contributing editor, I need a new challenge. And that’s what Company Car Today offers.

Founded by Paul Barker and Dave Wallace, Company Car Today is the first new title in the business car segment for more than a decade. It will be a product-orientated new package of magazine, website and email newsletters taking design and quality to new levels in the fleet B2B sector.

CCT is something I believe will succeed and offer something new, and better, in the market.

Working for BusinessCar has been great fun and I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way and I wish the current editorial team there all the best for the future.

So, if you want a sneak preview of Company Car Today, then head over to their new website and take a look at what we’re up to.

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